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We Are Now Open With Regular Hours. Please Call And Schedule Your Appointment Now

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Get These 3 Services at Community Dental Care

July 23, 2018 1683 Views

Research has linked overall health with oral health. In some ways you could say that your mouth is the gateway to your overall health. A healthy mouth indicates a healthy body. Keeping up with your oral health is critical, not just for appearances, but also to keep certain body systems functioning well. Community dental care …

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Cancer Screening You Can Receive at Your Community Dental Care Cente

July 16, 2018 820 Views

Part of community dental care is looking after the overall well-being of patients. Your dentist may have the technology and expertise to assess for a number of health conditions that produce symptoms in or around the mouth or throat. One of the most important services that a community dental care center may provide is screening …

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When Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Require Surgery?

June 22, 2018 992 Views

In spite of their name, wisdom teeth serve us no real purpose. In fact. they can cause pain and many dental problems. Knowing what things can go wrong and which symptoms to look out for can help you to know when you will need surgical wisdom teeth extraction. If you notice any of the following …

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Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary?

June 13, 2018 943 Views

You may be wondering ifwisdom teeth extraction is really necessary. Maybe you have been told you had to get them removed no matter what. Or maybe they’ve already come in and you don’t know if they should be removed. There are several factors that determine when it is necessary to extract your wisdom teeth. Impacted …

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Regular Visits Lead to Low Cost Dental Care

May 21, 2018 1477 Views

The belief that fewer visits to the dentist equates to low cost dental care has persisted far too long. It is quite simply untrue and could result in the development of serious oral health problems. Although you do not need to receive treatment during every dentistry appointment, there are other ways Brookshire Smile Dental can …

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Quality Dental Care ABCs

May 15, 2018 833 Views

Like most aspects of your health, quality dental care comes down the basics. Just like eating right and exercise are essential for good overall health, simple preventive care can be the best way to protect the health of your smile. Following the basic ABCs of quality dental care can help you prevent dental problems and …

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These 3 Things Mark an Affordable Dentist

April 21, 2018 942 Views

What is the mark of an affordable dentist? It’s an important question, given the diversity of needs among patients. If your practice is not working with you to ensure you receive essential checkups and treatments, you may want to look elsewhere to find a reliable dentist. There are a lot of factors to consider when …

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Two Dental Care Techniques That Will Enhance Your Smile

April 16, 2018 1073 Views

Have you completely lost confidence in your smile? Dental care is important for healthy teeth and gums. There are a number of techniques that will help you reshape your smile and regain any self-esteem you have lost due to oral health problems. It is important to choose the right dental care techniques for your needs. …

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Community Dental Care Gives You the Hometown Feeling

March 29, 2018 970 Views

Choosing a dentist can sometimes as hard as, well, choosing a dentist. However, community dental care is meant to give you the feeling that you are getting all the care you need from those who treat you like family. Coming back time and again for the dental care you need is important not only for …

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Family Dental Care Habits That Will Save You Money

March 15, 2018 893 Views

A dentist can transform your life while transforming your smile. Unfortunately, this transformation can be costly. Root canals, bridges or crowns cost up to $2,000 each. Some insurances only pay a small portion of that, as well. This makes dental visits rare and, for many people, almost non-existent. That is not a healthy choice. Family …

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