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Some Self Care Tips For Your Chipped Tooth

May 30, 2022 834 Views

Our teeth are quite strong; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t chip or break a tooth. Accidents are a common cause of chipped or broken teeth. Nonetheless, your story can be less dramatic because you can chip your teeth while chewing something hard like candy. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same: either …

Can Retainers Help Straighten Teeth Without Braces

May 15, 2022 15 Views

Retainers: Dental repairs are types of tools that help to keep your teeth straight. Patients commonly use these tools along with braces as a follow-up treatment. You must be wondering, what are the advantages of teeth retainers? First of all, you need to know that wearing retainers is the last stage of your dental treatment. …

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Braces As An Adult

April 30, 2022 2035 Views

We often perceive braces as something you should get when you are young. However, what if you don’t get it during your teens? Has all hopes for a perfect smile and correct teeth alignment been lost? Certainly not; getting orthodontic treatment for your teeth alignment can aid you at any age. Although braces are more …

Fasting Is More Beneficial For Dental Health Than You May Think

April 15, 2022 1294 Views

We believe that our diet has a significant impact on our dental health. What about when we restrict our eating window? Essentially we limit our dietary intake, so this must impact our dental health. This article will explore how fasting affects oral health. Why Fast? Religious Obligations: Muslims observe a whole month of fasting in …

Everything You Need To Know About Burning Mouth Syndrome

March 30, 2022 1082 Views

Burning mouth syndrome is a poorly understood mouth discomfort and mainly affects your tongue and the palate. Although BMS is tricky to treat, it’s possible to manage the symptoms. Hence, let’s learn more about BMS’s symptoms, causes, and potential treatment options. What Are Burning Mouth Syndrome’s Symptoms: As the name suggests, the condition is accompanied …

Why Do Your Child’s Milk Teeth Have To Fall?

March 15, 2022 993 Views

Your child’s tiny teeth are what makes their smile cute. You may refer to your child’s initial teeth as milk teeth, but the formal name is deciduous teeth. Regardless of what we call them, milk teeth falling are a milestone. However, you may have wondered all this time, why do they fall at all? Well, …

Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery

February 28, 2022 639 Views

You can feel pain at the end of your mouth, but you dismiss it as a sporadic toothache episode. However, the pain doesn’t subside, and on top of that, you can feel your jaw becoming stiff. Now, there is prominent swelling in the gums near your molars. Hence, you give your dentist a visit, and …

Everything You Need To Know About Cysts Growing Near Wisdom Tooth

February 15, 2022 203 Views

A wisdom tooth may erupt late in your 20’s, but it might not bud up completely at times if the wisdom tooth gets stuck in the gum, a soft tissue, or within the jaw bone. There is a chance of developing a dentigerous cyst. Hence, you may be wondering what is this? Will it cause …

Everything You Need To Know About Oral Thrush

January 30, 2022 2127 Views

Fungi that reside in your oral cavity are opportunistic microorganisms that attack your body when you least expect them to. One of the common oral fungus infections is oral thrush caused by candidiasis. You shouldn’t be worried too much about oral thrush as it surfaces when your immune system is weak. Hence, oral thrush affects …

Four Super Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Awesome Oral Health

January 15, 2022 856 Views

Do you know there is a portion of your diet that you don’t require in a massive amount, but you can’t skip it either? You may have guessed it by now; they are vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are an essential requirement of our body which we can’t just ignore. That’s why almost 4/5 …



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