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Do You Experience Tooth Pain When Biting Down?

May 15, 2020 157 Views

Have you ever experienced a toothache as in any pain, soreness or ache around the tooth? If yes, then you must have an idea of how irritating and unpleasant it is. In addition to sharp and dull pain, your tooth may have temperature sensitivity or find yourself in pain when chewing or biting down. So …

What Is An Overdenture?

April 30, 2020 241 Views

Dentures are removable dental appliances that help resolve issues such as missing teeth, gapped or chipped teeth. If you are unhappy with your smile and want to alter it, dentures are best for you. When a person loses a tooth, their jawbone changes shape and shrinks over time. This makes it difficult for a denture …

Dental Tape Vs Dental Floss: Which One Is Right For You?

April 15, 2020 410 Views

Flossing is a very healthy oral care habit that most of the people ignore. But the good thing is that there are various dental care products available on the market, which you can select to add flossing to your daily routine. Knowing the difference between two such products, dental tape vs floss, can help you …

Tooth Extraction Vs Root Canal: Which One is Right for You?

March 30, 2020 472 Views

Tooth extraction and root canal both are dental procedures that dentists use to treat infected or damaged teeth. Both procedures can vary depending upon your oral health as well as your budget. Knowing the difference between tooth extraction vs root canal can help you get a better picture of them. Root canal If your teeth …

Home Remedies for Cavity Prevention

March 15, 2020 266 Views

Dental cavities are tiny holes on the hard surface of your teeth that are caused by the bacteria making acid out of the sugar on teeth. Not getting enough vitamin D can also make your teeth susceptible to cavities. However, there are many other risk factors such as heartburn, improperly cleaning your teeth, eating sticky …

How to Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

February 29, 2020 141 Views

Wisdom teeth start to erupt through your jawbone between the ages of 17 to 25. You may experience inflammation in your gums, headaches, or tooth pain and bleeding in the affected area. So to help you out, here are five ways to help you relieve wisdom tooth pain. Remedies for relieving pain 1 Salt Water …

Managing Cavity with Braces

February 15, 2020 96 Views

While wearing braces, you can get a cavity very quickly because it is hard to clean the teeth. It would be best if you continued to see a dentist to prevent cavity during your time with braces. However, if you still get cavities, it is good to be prepared for the treatment. Proper Oral Hygiene┬á …

Are You Cleaning Your Invisalign Properly?

January 30, 2020 301 Views

Have your dentist advised you to use Invisalign to correct the alignment of your teeth? Then expect yourself to wear a set of clear aligners around your teeth. Invisalign will work overtime to push your teeth to correct positions. However, getting a perfect smile is not as easy as just placing them inside your mouth. …

Taking Care of Dentures

January 15, 2020 108 Views

Dentures are a replacement for natural teeth; however, they require more care than them. Natural teeth are good with regular brushing and flossing, whereas, with dentures, you need some extra efforts. For this reason, oral care habits before and after dentures change. Dentures are most commonly made of porcelain or plastic or from a combination …

Different Types Of Veneers?

December 30, 2019 348 Views

Dental veneers are shells made of porcelain or composite resin material that bond to the front surface of your teeth. They help to improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a perfect looking smile. Veneers can treat many dental issues such as chipped teeth, broken or discolored teeth. In addition, dentists also use …



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