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What Are Endodontists And How Their Speciality Keeps Your Tooth Alive.

May 15, 2021 415 Views

After completing graduation, a dentist has two options: to set up a practice or complete further education. If dentists opt for the first one, they are referred to as general dentists. However, if one opts for higher studies, a world of unique specializations opens up for them. Similarly, an endodontist is such a specialist who …

Drop The Cigarette And Say No To Oral Cancer!

April 30, 2021 322 Views

You buy a packet of cigarettes and study the disturbing image (stressing the distress caused by smoking) at the back of the box. Nonetheless, you decide to go with your regular smoking routine; after all, it’s a new flavor. However, did you know that about half of oral cancer cases are caused by smoking! Such …

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Crowns And Their Uses.

April 16, 2021 628 Views

When someone gives you a heartwarming smile, you can easily see their outer part of the tooth. However, decay and some other factors can damage the outer part of your tooth. Eventually, you will have biting problems, and you simply couldn’t smile with confidence. Nonetheless, dentists can restore your smile and spirit using a crown …

What Is Machine Learning And How It Is Used In Dentistry

March 30, 2021 531 Views

Almost every one of us has received recommendations about shows to watch on Netflix. Interestingly, these recommendations can be highly accurate and specific. All of this is possible because of machine learning and neural networks. Moreover, AI is not only restrained to the entertainment industry, it’s also making its way into dentistry. Thus in this …

These Modern Dental Trends Are Changing Dentistry For Good

March 15, 2021 507 Views

With time technology improves, therefore, new innovations and trends have made their way into dental practice. These trends and shifts have substantially improved the quality of service. Hence, it’s time to look at some modern dental trends and their gains. Laser Dentistry: It’s an exciting prospect that involves the use of lasers to treat specific …

The Amazing and Exciting Prospects of 3-D Printing and Dentistry

February 28, 2021 554 Views

3-D printing is hyped as an ultimate manufacturing solution that will rock the whole industry. Although 3-D manufacturing has come far from being bulky and costly printers to sleek and easy-to-use printers, it still has a long road to travel. However, for dentists and the dental industry, the future is now. This is because many …

The Exciting Prospects Of Tele-Dentistry And How It Is Making Life Easier

February 15, 2021 694 Views

Technology has changed life for good, and has made many services more accessible. Therefore, without doubt the inclusion of modern tech has also changed the outlook of dentistry. Thus, in this article we shall explore the prospect of tele-dentistry. Tele-dentistry refers to the adaptation of latest technology such as mobile phones, laptops, and internet in …

Cloud Storage And Dentistry – Changing Dentistry With Digital Technology.

January 30, 2021 801 Views

Improved technology has made the world more compact, and cloud services have played a crucial role. Cloud storage has revolutionized storage methods, and it has opened a whole new domain to explore. Furthermore, cloud computing and storage facilities even have an everlasting impact on dentistry. However, before we learn more about cloud storage and dentistry, …

Hard Tissue Laser – This New Technology Has Revolutionized Dentistry.

January 15, 2021 895 Views

Laser technology has several applications in dentistry, and it can potentially change the outlook of dentistry. Laser technology means little use of traditional dental instruments like dental drills or scalar. Hence, lower anxiety level among the patients. Thus, the inclusion of laser technology reaps numerous benefits. There are two types of lasers used for the …

Laser Dentistry – The Potential Uses And Benefits Of Laser Technology.

December 30, 2020 1027 Views

Many of us still view laser technology as a far fetched technology of the future. However, we are not very far from the world that completely encompasses laser technology. Lasers have already turned around several industries. Medical sectors, such as dentistry, have begun to use lasers to treat diseases. What is laser dentistry? It refers …



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