Can You Wear an Old Retainer to Straighten Teeth?

It has been years since you had your braces removed. You can’t remember the last time you wore your retainer. For the most part, everything is going well—you have finally managed to have your dream smile, with all straight teeth and pearly white. But then, something happens, something bad. After years of hard work through orthodontic treatment, you start to find gaps in your teeth and other signs of crooked or misaligned teeth. But all is not gone—you eventually recover your old retainer, which considering everything, still seems to be in good shape. But is wearing an old retainer to shift back the teeth, a healthy practice?

The case for wearing old retainers

Your orthodontist will instruct you to wear a retainer for at least a year after your braces treatment. In some cases, a little bit longer. You eventually outgrow your retainers over time—particularly once your straight teeth are all set. Sometimes, however, some misalignment or crookedness returns after a while. Whether it is because of missing teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or poor dental care practices, you might find your straight teeth turning a little out of position.

However, if you find yourself suffering from minor misalignment, maybe wearing an old retainer to shift the teeth shouldn’t be a problem as long as it still fits.

Does wearing an old retainer to straighten teeth work?

As it turns out, yes, it can. Retainers don’t just keep your teeth in place, after all. Because they are custom made, they can also help improve any minor oral issues you might find years after having your braces removed. It is also an excellent way to save some money, although you might still need to set an appointment with your dentist to see if it’s a feasible option.

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