Cancer Screening You Can Receive at Your Community Dental Care Cente

Part of community dental care is looking after the overall well-being of patients. Your dentist may have the technology and expertise to assess for a number of health conditions that produce symptoms in or around the mouth or throat. One of the most important services that a community dental care center may provide is screening for oral cancer.

Community Dental Care

Early diagnosis of mouth or throat cancer is more likely in patients who have attended screening at a community dental care center or similar facility. Due to the fact patients receive regular checkups from Brookshire Smile Dental, we are well positioned to closely monitor the oral health of patients and detect the initial symptoms of cancer. Survival rates are much better for those who have received frequent cancer screening from a qualified dentist.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

It is important to recognize the signs of potential mouth cancer by monitoring your oral health at home. If you develop sores in your mouth that do not heal or bleed frequently, growths or lumps in the skin or lining of your mouth, pain in your tongue, stiffness in the jaw, loose teeth, or if you find eating painful in any way, you should contact the community dental care center. You will need a screening to determine if the oral health problems you are facing are a potential sign of mouth cancer.

Many of the symptoms of oral cancer are similar to dental conditions, so you should attend a community dental care center, in any case, so your dentist can assess your treatment needs. Looking after your oral health is important; dental conditions can greatly affect your physical and emotional welling. For excellence in oral cancer screening, reach out to Brookshire Smile Dental today. Our dentistry team is compassionate and understanding in every aspect of the care we provide.