Clear Aligners Means Less Chance of Decay

For teens and adults who suffer from misaligned teeth the options for treatments have allowed for faster, more comfortable options. As the latest dental technology continues to improve, patients now have the option to use clear aligners to straighten teeth while obtaining a healthier smile. When traditional braces were developed it was clear that they could provide patients with a suitable option to help straighten teeth while increasing their overall dental health. However, traditional braces continue to be uncomfortable to wear often leaving many teens and adults seeking alternative options.

Achieve Straighter Teeth in Less Time with Clear Aligners

One of the best advantages of using clear aligners is the time patients spend wearing the aligners. Where traditional braces can take up to 3 years or more to straighten your teeth, clear aligners can take less than a year to achieve a healthier smile. Although length of time wearing clear aligners varies and depends on your individual needs, choosing to straighten your teeth with clear aligners can offer other significant benefits.

Additional Benefits of Clear Aligners Include:

Increased Oral Hygiene: Traditional metal braces provide a plethora of benefits for a straighter smile. However, your oral hygiene can also suffer. Cleaning the teeth while wearing traditional metal braces can be tedious and cumbersome. Moreover, braces can cause tooth decay and irritate the gums. When wearing clear aligners, you can quickly and easily take them out to brush and floss when needed while increasing your overall oral hygiene.

Keeping it Discreet: We’ve all heard the phrase “metal mouth,” which is a term used to describe people who wear traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are just that, clear. If you want to find a solution to your misaligned teeth and forgo the uncomfortable stigma of metal braces choosing clear aligners is your best option.

Comfort: For many people comfort beats looks and convenience. Because clear aligners are made from a soft plastic type material they are comfortable to wear.

If you are curious about how clear aligners can help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile call the team at Brookshire Smile Dental.