Different Types of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be of several types. Sometimes the pain is in a single tooth, and other times, several adjacent teeth prove painful. In some cases, pain occurs while chewing. While other times, hot or cold beverages/foods induce pain.

Take a look at the different types of tooth pain. It will help you better understand what is going on in your mouth.

Sharp Tooth Pain

Several factors can cause sharp tooth pain. Anything, such as decay along the gum line, teeth grinding, cold temperatures, and space between crowns/fillings can cause this form of pain. Even a filling or crown that is placed too high can prove painful when chewing.

Dull Tooth Pain

Do not ignore this form of pain. It is a serious issue resulting from damage to the nerve within the teeth. This type of tooth pain is usually sensitive to hot temperatures and lasts for an extended period.

In some cases, dull tooth pain is impulsive. In other instances, the pain appears in the middle of the night and lasts until one seeks relief from a dental professional.

Extreme Throbbing

Any type of extreme tooth pain may lead you to an emergency dentist. See your dentist, so you do not have to live with the pain any longer than necessary. If you notice a swelling on your face, then you are suffering from an infection or abscess.

Intermittent Tooth Pain

This type of pain can be caused by anything from chewing to opening your mouth. Though this pain can be recurring, it will be extremely painful. Such pain usually results from abscesses, cavities, and cracks.

Dental Abscesses

Bacteria buildup in the pulp portion of the tooth results in dental abscesses. In case this area has an infection, the tooth root will experience enormous pressure. The infection will wash away and make the area prone to inflammation and soreness.