Do Braces Hurt? — What Should You Expect

Getting braces is no joke. Having wires fitted around your teeth for months on end? Whew, that takes some real courage! But considering the beautiful smile that you get after, who wouldn’t want to undergo braces treatment themselves?

However, no matter how effective the results are, most wonder about the pain that comes with it. A lot of people, especially children and teenagers alike worry if braces hurt and how painful it is to get braces. Although, as valid as these concerns are, there isn’t anything you need to worry about. In this blog, we’ll address all your concerns regarding braces, along with ways to deal with the pain.

Do Braces Hurt?

On a scale of 1 to 10, getting braces is a different story for all. While it may hurt a lot for some, others might not feel anything besides a slight tingle. The process of getting braces itself is a pretty painless ordeal.

When the dentist ties the wires around your molars, you might feel a shiver of discomfort, but nothing that would leave you howling in pain. It’s only after a few hours have passed by will you begin to notice the onset of soreness settling in. There isn’t any way to describe it other than a dull ache signifying the wire tugging your teeth into position. This, too, will last for a few days — a week at most- before you get used to it.

Do Braces Hurt on The First Day?

On the day you get braces, you’ll rarely feel the pain. If anything, it’ll just take a little getting used to, given the new sensation of wires and brackets glued to your pearly whites. Not to mention, on the first day of your braces journey, your dentist will most probably give you a list of instructions to follow. For instance, the foods you can eat, measures you can take to minimize the ache, things not to do, etc.

Gradually, over the course of the first week, a few occurrences might pop up, such as:

  • Sore & Swollen Gums
  • Discomfort While Chewing
  • Pain on the Inside of Cheeks
  • Cut on Your Tongue From Running it Across the Wires
  • Heavy Pressure on The Base of Teeth
  • Minor Headache
  • Tension in the Jaw Area
  • Teeth Feeling Loose

If you find yourself experiencing the same troubles, you can consult your dentist for OTC pain relief medications, along with following a strict diet of soft foods.

How to Treat & Prevent Braces Pain

Sadly, there isn’t a way to stop braces pain immediately. But in order to lessen the pain or prevent it altogether, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Avoid Eating Foods That Can Trigger The Pain
  2. Apply a Small Amount of Orthodontic Wax Onto The Area, Causing Problems
  3. Get Broken Wires Replaced
  4. Gargle with Saltwater Solution
  5. Take OTC Medications & Vitamins When Needed
  6. Ask Your Dentist to Trim Excess Wires if Any
  7. Use a Cold Compress or Suck on Something Cold to Ease the Pain

Final Takeaway

To conclude, getting braces do hurt, but as long you take proper care and follow your dentist’s instructions, you have nothing to worry about. After all, the results, in the end, make it all worth it. Lastly, if you have any more questions regarding braces and their procedure, feel free to reach out to Brookshire Smile Dental – Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at (281) 934-1010.