Do You Experience Tooth Pain When Biting Down?

Have you ever experienced a toothache as in any pain, soreness or ache around the tooth? If yes, then you must have an idea of how irritating and unpleasant it is. In addition to sharp and dull pain, your tooth may have temperature sensitivity or find yourself in pain when chewing or biting down. So when experiencing this sort of situation, pay a visit to your dentist for a complete checkup to make sure things don’t go out of hands.
Keep reading to know about some of the common causes of toothache:

Gum Disease

Dum disease is the infection of gums, in which the gums become inflamed and become red hot and swollen. If you notice any symptoms, rush to your dentist. This is important because delaying the treatment can cause bone loss and damage the gums. When gums detach from the teeth, they form pockets filling in more bacteria. This exposes the tooth roots to plaque and makes them susceptible to cold and touch.

Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is the erosion and formation of a cavity on the outer surface of the tooth, also known as tooth enamel. Plaque is the sticky layer of bacteria on the tooth enamel, and it feeds on sugars and starches from the food in your mouth. This results in a production of acid that eats away the enamel, causing holes and weak areas.

Cracked Tooth

What causes a cracked tooth? Falling down and having a blow to the face can cause a cracked or fractured tooth. In addition, you may also crack a tooth by biting down on hard objects like an unpopped popcorn kernel or trying to open a bottle cap. Sharp pain when biting or chewing, maybe a symptom of a cracked tooth. Apart from that, your cracked tooth may also be sensitive to sweet and sour foods or hot and cold temperatures.

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