Does Dental X-ray Have Any Effect On Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting yet stressful transition of life, where a pregnant woman’s body undergoes massive change. Commonly, you will take extra precautions to keep your baby safe from harm. Thus, during pregnancy, you may question the safety of a dental X-ray procedure.

What are dental X-rays, and why are they needed?

However, we all know the importance of X-rays in dental hygiene; an appointment is incomplete without an X-ray. X-rays are a form of energy absorbed by dense objects but pass through the less dense material. X-rays are shot out of the machine, and after passing through objects, it bleaches the X-ray film.

Hence, a whiter area on the film means more X-rays have reached it. As a result, teeth, and bones cause dark areas to form on film because they absorb X-ray energy. However, these rays pass through gums and tissue and bleach the film. In this way, a pattern forms on the film of light and dark areas enabling the dentist to determine the condition of the teeth, roots, jaws placement, and facial bone composition. Hence, even if you are pregnant, you cannot let go of good oral hygiene. However, as for the question of Xray’s safety, the short answer is yes.

What Does ADA Have To Say About X-ray Safety?

According to ADA, the radiation and exposure time are low, so dental X-rays will not cause any problems during pregnancy. Moreover, if you remember, during an X-ray, the dentist covers your body with a heavy apron. This apron also helps limit your body’s exposure to the rays. This is because the apron is lined with lead, limiting your body’s exposure to X-rays. Hence, this extra layer of protection also helps to keep your baby safe.

What Are Some Additional Precautionary Measures?

Although the ADA has termed dental X-ray procedures safe for pregnant women, dentists follow more preventive measures, such as postponing the X-ray until the second trimester. The development of the fetus is most active during the first trimester. That’s why a majority of the X-ray procedure is delayed until the second trimester. Moreover, little X-ray is done during the third trimester because most women find it difficult to lie down during that time.

Telling Your Dentist About Your Pregnancy:

According to many pieces of research, dental X-ray don’t cause any complications during pregnancy. However, do you know what will affect your baby’s development? Stress! Hence, your calmness and mental health are equally important as your physical health. Therefore, it’s a good practice to tell your dentist about your pregnancy. In this way, your dentist will craft an appointment routine that ensures your comfort and peace of mind.


Dental X-rays don’t affect your baby’s development because of low exposure time and radiation. A lead apron makes your baby more secure. The second trimester is most probably the best time to carry out dental X-rays. However, if you are uncertain about dental procedures and your baby’s health, share your concern with your dentist. Dentists at Brookshire Smile Dental make sure you are comfortable, especially during your pregnancy. Feel free to call us at 281-934-1010 for more information and inquiries.