Does Toothpaste Designed For Smokers Provide Any Relief?

It’s no surprise that smoking can cause some severe health problems. However, to make things worse, it also causes some oral complications. While the best solution is to leave smoking once and for all, a temporary solution is to use toothpaste, especially for smokers. This type of toothpaste is formulated to benefit the oral hygiene of a smoker. Hence, let’s discuss how toothpaste for smokers can help you out.

How Does Smoking Hurt Your Mouth?

Smoking attacks oral cavities in a variety of ways. From irritating gum lines to promoting oral cancer, cigarettes do it all. Here is how smoking affects oral hygiene:

Gum Diseases: Smoking changes the PH of the mouth, lowering it to the extent that it fosters bacterial growth. Bacteria start to develop an adhesive film on teeth called plaque. With time it hardens into tartar that is extremely hard to remove. Consequently, such bacterial growth leads to diseases such as gingivitis, cavities, and periodontitis. Furthermore, smoking restricts the blood supply to the gums. Thus, gum ailments are hard to detect because of no bleeding.

Loose Tooth And Poor Healing: As an aftermath of rampant gum ailment, teeth start to loosen up. Thus, smokers are at a high risk of losing their teeth. Moreover, because of restricted blood supply, the body’s immune system has limited reach to infected areas in the gum and mouth. Consequently, diseases progress faster. Also the healing is slow after an operation like a root canal or implants.

Bad Breath And Stain On Teeth: Notorious smoker’s breath needs no introduction. However, smoking also affects the appearance of teeth, staining them. These stains are more often known as nicotine stains.

How Can A Specific Toothpaste For Smokers Help?

The best remedy to combat bad smoker’s oral hygiene is to quit smoking. However, until you get there, your toothpaste can help you keep your mouth healthy. As discussed above, a smoker’s major oral problem is gum diseases, bad breath, and nicotine stains. Therefore, toothpaste for smokers has these elements that can help mitigate the negative impact:

Chemicals to detoxify the gumline: These chemicals are primarily antiseptic that fight the plaque bacteria on behalf of your immune system.

Abrasives: Toothpaste for smokers contains additional abrasive chemicals that you won’t find in regular toothpaste. These abrasives help scrape off nicotine stains from their teeth. Thus, helping to restore “smoked” teeth to their natural color.

Mint: Mint is a well-known mouth freshener that is used in toothpaste and mouthwash. Inevitably, toothpaste for smokers also contains an extra dose of mint to combat the smoker’s bad breath.

Fluoride: Fluoride helps strengthen weakened enamel, thus giving a smoker’s tooth a fighting chance against cavities.


Smokers should give keen attention to what’s going on in their mouths. This is because, due to smoking, they are especially vulnerable to oral problems. Hence, to tune the oral hygiene up a notch, a visit to Brookshire Smile Dental for a dental checkup is a must. In addition, you can call us at 281-934-1010 for more inquiries.