Drop The Cigarette And Say No To Oral Cancer!

You buy a packet of cigarettes and study the disturbing image (stressing the distress caused by smoking) at the back of the box. Nonetheless, you decide to go with your regular smoking routine; after all, it’s a new flavor. However, did you know that about half of oral cancer cases are caused by smoking! Such facts put smokers at a higher risk of oral cancer. Therefore, let’s discuss how smoking substantially increases the risk of oral cancer.

Some Dirty Facts:

Smokers are ten times more likely to contract oral cancer than non-smokers. Furthermore, drinking alcohol along with smoking also boosts the risk of getting cancer. It is important to understand that a cigarette contains more than 60 known carcinogens, and a flavored cigarette contains even more. A carcinogen is a chemical that promotes and aids the growth of cancerous cells in your body. Overall, the more you smoke, the more you push yourself on the verge.

The Devilish Ingredients:

Burning a cigarette is like opening a pandora’s box as you are literally inviting dangerous chemicals and smoke into your body. It all starts with nicotine, an addictive chemical that hooks you up on the staunch habit of smoking. Apart from nicotine, a cigarette contains a plethora of carcinogens that can lead to the development of various cancers. Additionally, the smoke contains toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, these gases have a devastating effect on your lungs.

How Does A Cigarette Increase The Risk Of Oral Cancer?

We have already established the fact that cigarettes contain many carcinogens but why is that a bad news? How do these chemicals cause oral cancer?

These substances have the potential to alter the genetic makeup of the tissue lining your mouth. Hence, the genetic alteration can lead to a cell variant that is likely to multiply rapidly. Consequently, these cells multiply and are a burden on the body’s resources.

Nonetheless, your immune system is always on the lookout for these cells. However, smoking also hurts your immune system as well because various chemicals in a cigarette can kill your immune cells. Thus, smoking hampers your body’s natural response against oral cancer.

However, the catastrophe doesn’t end here because chemicals from cigarettes also cooperates with viruses such as human papillomavirus. HPV is a known oral cancer-causing virus.

In a nutshell, the cigarette in your hand contributes fully to oral cancer development by altering the cell’s genes, weakening your immune system, and aiding cancer-causing viruses.

The Silver Lining:

In the end, our grim discussion ends with good news. That is, if you stop smoking, your body will immediately start to recover from the damage caused. Consequently, in a time frame of 10-15 years, the risk of oral cancer will reduce to the extent that it will match the risk of a non-smoker. Therefore, try to quit smoking and give your body some time to recover. While you try to quit smoking, seek help from your family and medical professionals.In fact, a dentist is a great place to start therapy for your mouth. Hence, get in touch with Brookshire Smile Dental by calling 281-934-1010 to begin your journey to correction.