Everything You Need To Know About Electric Toothbrushes

Brushing is paramount to maintaining healthy oral hygiene. Regularly brushing will keep plaque, bacteria, and tooth decay at bay. Hence, with a staunch brushing habit, you might be able to elude most of the oral problems. However, do you know that your choice of toothbrush can also determine the effectiveness of this habit? Therefore, let’s discuss a few advantages of electric toothbrushes.

What are electric toothbrushes?

Essentially electric toothbrushes consist of oscillating bristles. A small motor controls these bristles and head movements. There are two types of motion for these vibratory bristles:

  • A two and fro movement.
  • Rotatory motion. Basically, in rotatory motion, the head rotates, and you can control the direction of rotation.

Modern electric toothbrushes have a rechargeable battery that powers the motor. The battery is charged wirelessly when you allow it to sit on its base between your brushing sessions.

What Are Advantages Of Using An Electric Toothbrush?

Better Cleaning: Over time, scientists and researchers have invested their time in figuring out the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush. Many of these results indicated an improvement in the oral health of the users of an electric toothbrush. Consequently, an electric toothbrush is better at cleaning the plaque bacteria. Similarly, it is more effective in protecting you against cavities. After three months of use, you can expect a decrease of plaque by 20%. Moreover, you can also expect a decrease in gingivitis severity by 10%.

Moreover, these benefits also extend to those who use braces or anything similar. In such cases, manual toothbrushes find it difficult to reach in-between the braces wires and the mounts. However, that’s not much of an issue for electric brushes as you can enjoy micro cleaning with the help of its various motions.

Allow Cleaning For Longer Time: Electric toothbrushes come equipped with inbuilt timers. This timer alerts you to keep brushing until the time is up. This is especially beneficial for kids who are always in a hurry to brush their teeth and spit out what remains. Moreover, many users claimed that they felt more focused on the act of brushing when they used an electric toothbrush.

Easier To Use: One of the important benefits of electric toothbrushes is their ease of use. The rotating head and vibrating bristles do the job for you. All you need to do is hold the brush in its place. Consequently, this will help those with some restraints. For example, those with arthritis in their hands cannot maneuver their wrist and fingers while brushing. Hence, the electric brush can help them maintain good oral hygiene.


Electric Toothbrush has several benefits and can win head-on when compared to manual ones. However, we are not going to see electric toothbrushes dominating brushing worldwide. This is because of its price. Hence, because of its high price, many people don’t shift to electric toothbrushes. Nonetheless, while brushing is an important part of your oral hygiene, don’t forget routine dental checkups. A dental checkup from a dentist helps you keep track of what’s happening in your mouth. Choose your next appointment, you can call Brookshire Smile Dental at 281-934-1010 to book an appointment.