Home Remedies for Cavity Prevention

Dental cavities are tiny holes on the hard surface of your teeth that are caused by the bacteria making acid out of the sugar on teeth. Not getting enough vitamin D can also make your teeth susceptible to cavities. However, there are many other risk factors such as heartburn, improperly cleaning your teeth, eating sticky foods, or dry mouth. Now getting to the uglier part, once the cavity penetrates the dentin, you cannot get rid of it at home. Luckily, below are some home remedies that can help to prevent cavity.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can disturb your body’s natural process of absorbing calcium and phosphate from the food you eat. That is why maintaining levels of vitamin D inside the body is not only good for your oral but overall health. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are rich in vitamin D, or you can also use sun at your advantage as the sunlight contains high doses of vitamin D.

2. Using fluoride toothpaste

Regularly brushing your teeth using fluoride toothpaste can help to prevent cavities and remineralize enamel.

3. Sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum after meals can help to remineralize enamel. Gums containing xylitol have abilities to stimulate saliva flow and raise the pH of plaque.

4. Reducing sugary foods intake

You must be hating this point, but it is the most important one, indeed. The World Health Organization states that eating sugar is the most important risk factor for cavities. A good recommendation is to reduce your sugar intake to less than the overall calorie intake for a day. If you plan to intake sugar, make sure you don’t feed on it throughout the day. Once the sugar is gone, the chances are that your enamel can remineralize.

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