How to Schedule a Dental Appointment Online

Many people are turning to the web to schedule a dental appointment online. With technology at our fingertips the convenience of online scheduling can help you stay on top of your dental exams while saving you time. If you live a busy lifestyle, scheduling your dental exams online can help you stay organized while providing a quick and easy path to maintaining your oral health.

Scheduling Online Appointments

If you are worried about how to schedule a dental appointment online, don’t be. For many dental providers, the process of requesting an appointment over the web allows them to streamline processes while providing an added level of convenience for patients. Many people prefer to schedule their appointments online because it provides a level of flexibility. To schedule an appointment online you will be asked to fill out a short form. This form includes the basics such as your name, phone number, email and preferred appointment time. After you submit this information you will receive a phone call from the dental provider to confirm and an email confirmation.

Online Convenience Provides More than Just Appointments

Your dentist values your time. With technology offering new alternatives to scheduling appointments, you can also utilize the web to fill out paperwork ahead of time to prepare for your next appointment.  Many modern dental providers will provide patients with a plethora of online options including scheduling routine dental appointments, insurance information, and patient forms.

Added Benefits of Online Scheduling

Another benefit to scheduling your dental appointments online is the ability to receive reminders. Some dental providers will offer text messaging and email reminders to patients to ensure they don’t miss an appointment! Additionally, canceling your dental appointment is as easy as scheduling a dental appointment online.


If you live a busy lifestyle, utilizing technology to schedule a dental appointment online can save you time. For more information about our online scheduling options, visit the Brookshire Family Dental website today.