How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Helps Your Smile

A lost tooth can be a detriment to your smile, but there are some extractions that can benefit your dental health. Wisdom teeth extraction is one example of tooth loss that can help your smile. When these final molars pose a risk to your oral health, having them removed can be the best option to protect your smile.

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth arrive in the late teens and early twenties, as the last four and furthest back of the molars. While many wisdom teeth arrive without problems, others can cause problems in the mouth. Monitoring their growth is important to determine whether wisdom teeth extraction can be beneficial. Here are a few reasons why it may be best to have wisdom teeth removed proactively to prevent dental problems:

  • Crowding or misalignment of existing teeth
  • Impaction of the wisdom teeth
  • Sideways growth
  • Pressure against the sinus cavity
  • Infection in the gums

If the molars do not have sufficient room to emerge or are growing the wrong direction, they can change the appearance of your smile. They also may cause pain or infection in some cases. Your dentist may recommend wisdom teeth extraction of one or all your wisdom teeth if they pose risk to your oral health or may cause misalignment of your smile.

At Brookshire Smile Dental, we never want to remove healthy teeth unless necessary. However, we carefully monitor the growth of wisdom teeth in our patients to ensure they have room to grow and will not cause any harm. If these final molars present problems during their emergence, we may suggest wisdom teeth extraction procedures to ensure the beauty and health of your smile. Contact our office to schedule a checkup to monitor wisdom teeth growth for you or your teenager to prevent problems from these last molars.