Interesting benefits of chewing gum

We’ve often found children chewing gum for fun and excitement. And like many parents, the thought of chewing gum spoiling your child’s teeth must have worried you as well. But you would be glad to know that chewing gum is good for oral health. There are several interesting benefits of chewing gum if it is the right type.

Often children experience tooth cavity, but sugar-free chewing gum prevents many dental problems, especially tooth decay. Furthermore, when we chew gum, the mouth generates excess saliva. This acts as a protector for the enamel and reduces the chances of a tooth cavity.

How does chewing gum protect teeth and gums?

Most people brush their teeth twice a day. Very rarely, people care about brushing their teeth in between all meals. When people chew gum, especially in between meals, it produces saliva that protects teeth enamel from all the acids that enter our mouth with food.

The saliva takes approximately an hour to replace the minerals removed from the enamel by acid present in food and bacteria. However, when a person chews gum, the mouth creates saliva in a larger quantity, which helps to replace lost minerals in 20 minutes. Furthermore, along with other benefits of chewing gum, it also solves the problems of bad breath and dry mouth.

Can brushing be replaced by chewing gum

Though there are many benefits of chewing gum, however, it cannot replace brushing or flossing. Children and adults who use chewing gum regularly should also maintain a healthy oral routine so that teeth remain protected. Chewing gum should go along with routine dental care and regular dentist visits. For a good oral hygiene plan contact, the specialists at Brookshire smile dental or call on 281-934-1010 to get our services.