Through orthodontics you can have the straight, healthier smile you deserve in 12-18 months; and you don’t need to wear braces that can be clunky, get in the way, cause pain, damage flesh, or be an embarrassment. Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners, available from Brookshire Dental, you can be the proprietor of the most discreet, comfortable, futuristic solution around for your dentistry alignment needs. Never worry again that you will have to line your teeth with metal. Invisalign in Brookshire, TX is available for teens and adults.

Invisalign is the most revolutionary way for you to straighten your teeth. Never before has there been a way to align your teeth without the uncomfortable, unattractive traditional braces that the average person wears. Why be average, when you could be part of the revolution of clear teeth alignment. Invisalign aligners fit nice and comfortable over your teeth with ease, they apply a gentle presser and put your teeth in the alignment over a shorter time than metal braces.

Every few weeks you get a brand new set of aligners to bring you closer and closer to the way your smile should look. You can even take them out during meals and oral hygiene. Also less visits to the orthodontist are needed making Invisalign the most convenient method of dental alignment known.