Is the Dental Crown Procedure Painful?

Many individuals have a fear of dental procedures — they dread the visit to a dentist. So when we hear of procedures other than dental cleaning, we have one question in mind: is it going to be painful? One of the common dental restorations is a dental crown, a tooth-shaped cap placed on a severely damaged tooth. But does getting a dental crown hurt?

Like other procedures, you will not feel any pain when you’re getting your dental crowns. Your dental specialist will probably apply local anesthesia before the procedure, so you don’t experience any discomfort. Let us walk you through the process in this blog — this way, you’ll know for sure how simple and quick the procedure is.

What is a Dental Crown?

First, let us discuss what a dental crown is. It’s a procedure in restorative dentistry which involves placing a dental cap on the affected teeth. Moreover, this dental cap or crown resembles the appearance of your natural teeth. Other than covering the tooth, the dental crown protects it too. You might be eligible for a dental crown in the following cases:

  • Severe discoloration in one or more teeth
  • Gap between teeth
  • A cracked or worn-out tooth that needs to be held together
  • Cover a severely weakened tooth following root canal therapy
  • Shield a tooth with a large cavity

Does the Process of Getting A Dental Crown Hurt?

Are you concerned about getting q dental crown? Knowing the procedure might help you learn that the dental crown procedure is fairly simple and pain-free. It takes one or two visits to get a dental cap.

The process of getting a tooth crown might look like this:

Numbing & Shaving

The procedure starts with the dentist numbing your tooth. Once you’re a tooth and the surrounding area is numb, they will thin the tooth. This step is essential to make space for the crown. Since you’re under anesthesia, you will not experience any pain.

Dental Filling

After your tooth is in the required size and shape, you might need a dental filling. This is especially true if the tooth is decayed or damaged. The dental filling helps the crown fit properly.

Making an Impression

Once your tooth has the desired shape, your dentist will proceed to make an impression. The mold helps create a dental crown customized for your tooth so it will fit properly. In addition, the dental specialist will take an X-ray of your teeth. This part of getting a dental crown will not hurt either. If, at any point, you feel discomfort or pain, inform your dentist right away.

Sending the Mold to the Lab

When the impression is ready, your dentist will send it to the lab along with the dental X-rays. Since the lab might take some days to create your actual dental crown, your dentist might give you a temporary crown. If you’re getting a crown to improve the appearance of your teeth, you may not require a temporary crown.

Dental Crown Placement

On the second visit to the dentist’s office, it’s finally time to get your dental crown. Now, your dentist will have the permanent crown ready.

If you have a temporary crown, they’ll remove it first. After that, using an adhesive, the dentist will place a dental crown on your affected tooth. This tooth cap will resemble the appearance, shape, and color of your natural teeth.

Once the crown is in position, the dentist will check your bite pressure. Tell them if you feel like something is off, and they’ll fix it on the spot!

You’ll be all good to go home after the dentist makes sure there’s no issue with the dental crown. Follow any aftercare instructions they give you.

To conclude, the second visit includes getting the permanent dental crown, which does not hurt. Since you’re under anesthesia, you’ll feel little to no pain. And, in case of any discomfort, you can inform your dental specialist.

The Final Takeaway

A dental crown helps protect your teeth and improve their appearance. The procedure of getting a dental crown is pretty simple and does not hurt since you’re under local anesthesia. Even if you feel discomfort, it will be negligible — and you can inform your dentist immediately. If you think you need a dental crown or any other dental treatment, Brookshire Family Dentistry is only a few digits away at (281) 934-1010. You can drop by our dental clinic at 3603 Front St., Suite 107, Brookshire, TX 77423.