Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary?

You may be wondering ifwisdom teeth extraction is really necessary. Maybe you have been told you had to get them removed no matter what. Or maybe they’ve already come in and you don’t know if they should be removed. There are several factors that determine when it is necessary to extract your wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If one or more of your wisdom teeth are not properly situated in the gums, it can cause them to come in sideways, either pushing your existing molars forward or growing in out of the side of your gums. Not only is this extremely painful, but they may not ever be able to fully come in, causing long-term pain. Wisdom teeth extraction is almost always necessary in this case.


When your wisdom teeth are properly seated in the gums and can come in like any other tooth, it may still be necessary for wisdom teeth extraction. This would be because there isn’t enough room for them and they can cause crowding in your other teeth where you had none before.


There can be a blockage in the form of your molars or a jaw shape that will keep your wisdom teeth from coming in completely. If they aren’t able to come in, they may come in partially, leaving a hole where the tooth should have come in. This is the perfect place for bacteria and plaque to build up, which can cause more issues down the road than if you just had a wisdom teeth extraction.

If you need to have one removed, it is best to remove all of them during one visit; however, if you don’t know if you need a wisdom teeth extraction, it is best to stop by Brookshire Smile Dental for a consultation. We can let you know if it is necessary now or in the future, or if it is something you can avoid altogether.