Issues with Protruding Teeth

If you have a child with protruding front teeth, you might worry about him or her being teased for having “buck teeth,” as kids often call them. But do you also know about the adverse effects, buck teeth can have on your child’s overall health? In this post, we will outline some issues that can arise from protruding teeth.

Issues During Sports

Excessively protruding front teeth can make children who are active in sports, more prone to dental trauma. This is because the teeth are positioned at a vulnerable angle, and there is not enough lip coverage to shield them, protruded teeth have a greater chance of being knocked out in sports injuries. This creates a painful experience for the child and their playmates. Parents surely want to avoid the emergency care and dental treatment necessary to replace or repair their child’s teeth.

Bite Problems Related to Protruded Teeth

Teeth that protrude more than normal create a bite misalignment, where the top and bottom teeth are unable to touch at the front of the mouth. When kids with buck teeth are unable to close their teeth properly in front of the tongue, it may make biting food more difficult. In addition, it affects their digestion when they can’t chew their food well enough before swallowing.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

If your child’s top front row of teeth protrudes outwards more than usual, we recommend you to set up a consultation with your dentist.

When you come in for your first visit with Brookshire Smile Dental, we will take a thorough look at your child’s teeth and make an assessment based on their unique case and oral health. Afterward, we will discuss our findings, as well as potential early orthodontic treatment options, if we decide they are necessary. To schedule, an appointment call at 281-934-1010.

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