Laser Dentistry – The Potential Uses And Benefits Of Laser Technology.

Many of us still view laser technology as a far fetched technology of the future. However, we are not very far from the world that completely encompasses laser technology. Lasers have already turned around several industries. Medical sectors, such as dentistry, have begun to use lasers to treat diseases.

What is laser dentistry?

It refers to the use of lasers to deal with typical day-to-day dental problems. Lasers are precise in terms of targeting affected areas. Two types of lasers have an aptitude for application in dentistry.

Hard Lasers: Hard lasers are a high-intensity beam used to treat both hard tissue and soft tissue issues.

Cold Lasers: Dentists use this type of laser on soft tissues. This type of laser application involves no pain. Furthermore, it also helps to stimulate cell growth and repair.

Laser dentistry is preferred over traditional dentistry because of a few advantages like:

  1. Less pain-inducing treatments.
  2. Lowers anxiety among patients who might get uneasy at the sight of a dental drill.
  3. Fast and easy procedures.
  4. No bleeding during treatment.

Although there are several advantages of laser dentistry, it is still not very common. The primary reason for limited usage is the cost of the apparatus. Moreover, the scope of available treatment is also confined, for example:

  1. The dentist cannot treat a tooth with fillings with the laser.
  2. The hard laser has issues with thermal heating. Hence using them on the crown can irritate the pulp beneath.

Some uses of laser dentistry:

  1. For cavities: Dentists use laser treatment to remove tooth decay and prepare the gum for the filling procedure.
  2. For gingival aesthetics: Due to gingivitis, gums recede, leaving behind periodontal pockets. Consequently, food debris and plaque fill up these pockets. The fillup is aesthetically unpleasant. Thus, through laser therapy, the dentist clears the gap and pulls the gum back to its place.
  3. For the removal of lesions and inflamed tissue: Laser therapy can precisely target the infected area. Hence, delivering most of the energy to the damaged tissue. As a result, the laser doesn’t harm the healthy tissue while killing the diseased cell.
  4. Teeth whitening: Lasers are used to speed up teeth whitening procedures. The bleaching solution applied to the teeth’ surface absorbs the applied laser’s energy. The absorption “activates” the bleaching solution.


The article only touched upon the benefits of laser dentistry. Dentistry has ample room for the application of laser technology. Through the laser’s introduction, patients can look forward to painless, simple, and comfortable treatments. However, the cost of the equipment to this date remains one of the most significant drawbacks.

Nevertheless, we know for sure that dentistry is progressing towards a prosperous future—a future with greater customer satisfaction and lower anxiety level. Laser technology has promising applications, but we couldn’t subside the use of traditional dentistry. Sometimes, only a dental drill can solve a tricky dental issue.

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