Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy

We all know that a person’s body experiences a myriad of changes during pregnancy. But did you know pregnancy can also impact the teeth and gums? In this article, we will explain how pregnancy hormones can affect a woman’s oral health. We will also explain some simple ways that you can keep your mouth healthy while you prepare for your baby.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will release hormones that increase her blood flow. While these hormones help a woman to develop a healthy placenta and provide nutrients to her baby via her blood supply, they can also increase the blood circulation to the gums. This can lead to gum swelling and irritation. In some cases, this swelling can lead to pregnancy gingivitis. Having your dentist evaluate your mouth during pregnancy is the best way to check for symptoms of this disease.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet during pregnancy is important for a variety of reasons. Choosing whole foods and avoiding processed sugars will help to prevent tooth decay during a time when your gums are vulnerable. But the oral health benefits don’t stop there. While most babies are born without visible teeth, tooth development under the gums begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will aid in your baby’s tooth development in utero.

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