Probiotics And Oral Health – Why Does Your Mouth Need Bacteria?

Let’s talk about bacteria; no, you don’t need your antibiotics in reach because this article is about probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria, many of which are already in your body. What do we mean by good bacteria? It’s pretty common for the majority of us to perceive bacteria as harmful germs. After all, they are the culprit behind notorious ailments. However, good bacteria naturally reside in our body, and they help in daily functioning as well as keeping harmful bacteria in check.

Probiotics are bacteria identical to or similar to bacteria found in our bodies. They are either ingested in the form of supplements, yogurt, or dairy products or applied to the body using beauty products.

Why Take Probiotics:

The intake of probiotics can help boost your digestive, oral, and overall health. Moreover, some doctors may recommend probiotics after an antibiotic course, and this is because antibiotics can lead to the death of beneficial bacteria. Therefore, in such scenarios, probiotics can help balance your body’s microbiome.

Probiotics And Oral Health:

While probiotics can help improve your health in several ways, we will discuss how probiotics can benefit your oral health.

Prevent Plaque:

Plaque is a thin film that develops on your teeth. S.mutans are the bacteria that reside in this thin film and produce acidic compounds to digest leftover food. However, the acid produced by S.mutans can irritate your gums and lead to cavities. Nevertheless, nature has a counter for this hostile bacteria in the form of a probiotic named A12. Results conducted in the lab showed that A12 slowed down the growth of S.mutans and prevented plaque formation.

May Help Fight Bad Breath:

Bad breath is another typical issue most of us have to face. Again the blame goes to bacteria found in our guts and our mouths. However, research into the use of probiotics has yielded positive results. In one particular study, half of the individuals suffering from bad breath were given a dose of probiotics, and the other half were given a placebo. 85% of the participants in the group treated with probiotics reported a significant reduction in their bad breath intensity.

May Help Decrease Gum Inflammation:

Research has shown evidence supporting the role of probiotics in abating gum inflammation. One particular bacteria, Lactobacillus Brevis, has gained attention in this regard. Similarly, drinking probiotic milk can help reduce gum inflammation, according to some reports.


As you may have noticed that most of the results were on experimental data. Although the results may seem promising, it may take some time before oral health probiotics flood the pharmacies. However, you can still intake them through natural products like yogurt, milk, or other dairy products. On the other hand, don’t forget about the rock-solid foundations that build impeccable oral health: brushing, flossing, and mouth-wash. In addition, do visit your dentist regularly to keep yourself updated on your oral health. You can visit Brookshire Family Dental for regular checkups and call us at 281-934-1010 to book an appointment.