Quality Dental Care ABCs

Like most aspects of your health, quality dental care comes down the basics. Just like eating right and exercise are essential for good overall health, simple preventive care can be the best way to protect the health of your smile. Following the basic ABCs of quality dental care can help you prevent dental problems and maintain a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.

Appointments for Quality Dental Care

Checkups and cleanings at your dentist are a crucial element of preventive dental care. A is for appointments, at least twice a year to get quality dental care from your dentist. This includes dental cleanings twice a year to help maintain gum and tooth health and a checkup to identify any dental issues.

Brushing at Least Twice a Day

Quality dental care starts with personal oral hygiene. B is for brushing, a basic essential of quality dental care. Brushing at least twice a day, especially after meals, is one of the best ways to prevent decay and tartar buildup. Flossing at least once a day in addition to brushing can help remove plaque and prevent bacteria buildup that can lead to gum disease and decay.

Cavity Prevention

Decay destroys the teeth, eating away at the dentin and tooth structure. C is for cavity prevention to keep teeth healthy. A and B are part of cavity prevention and treatment. Another option, especially for kids and teens, is using sealants that can help protect teeth from cavities, especially on the back molars. Quality dental care should also strive to prevent cavities to protect the teeth from damage.

Our team at Brookshire Smile Dental offers quality dental care for the whole family. From infants getting their first teeth to mature adults needing ongoing care, we welcome your entire family to get the quality dental care you all need for healthy, beautiful smiles.