Root Canal Treatment

If root canal therapy is what you require, then you need the close attention of an endodontist. Brookshire Dental is your source for effective root canal treatment on your severely infected or damaged teeth. Endodontists specialize in the art of repairing and replenishing the pulp or interior of your teeth. They will ensure that you no longer have to go another day with the pain of a decayed or damaged tooth.

When the pulp of a tooth is damaged, infected, or decayed, it can and probably will be painful. Pain can be distracting whether you are at home, work, or out on the town. You could actually jeopardize the entire tooth by leaving it unchecked. Root canal treatment offered by Brookshire Dental removes the diseased and decayed material from the inner parts of the affected tooth and repacks the empty space with a safe and sterile material. You should never let a painful tooth sit for more than a few days, so come on down to Brookshire Dental and see one of our amazing endodontists and live pain free.