Taking Care of Dentures

Dentures are a replacement for natural teeth; however, they require more care than them. Natural teeth are good with regular brushing and flossing, whereas, with dentures, you need some extra efforts. For this reason, oral care habits before and after dentures change.

Dentures are most commonly made of porcelain or plastic or from a combination of both. There are two types of dentures, partial and full dentures. Dentists recommend partial dentures when few teeth are remaining in the upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures come in handy when all teeth have been lost and need an artificial replacement.

Caring for Natural Teeth

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), to keep your natural teeth healthy, brush them for two minutes twice a day and floss them for once. Use a brush with soft bristles, or you might damage your gums and tooth enamel and ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. Use a brush with appropriate shape and size so it can reach every tooth. Additionally, don’t forget to brush your tongue, which is home to various bacteria. Replace your brush every three to four months or when the bristles wear out.

Caring for Dentures

Oral care for dentures is different from natural teeth. Taking care of partial dentures means that you need to take the regular care of your teeth together with removing and cleaning the partial dentures. It is a good and healthy practice to remove the dentures, whether it’s full or partial, once a day to clean them, usually before going to sleep at night.

Before cleaning the dentures, rinse them thoroughly with cold and freshwater, as hot water can deform their shape. After that use, a soft-bristled brush and a good quality denture cleansing solution to remove plaque and food debris. Keep the dentures in a glass of water or cleaning solution so that they don’t dry out and misshape.

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