The Exciting Prospects Of Tele-Dentistry And How It Is Making Life Easier

Technology has changed life for good, and has made many services more accessible. Therefore, without doubt the inclusion of modern tech has also changed the outlook of dentistry. Thus, in this article we shall explore the prospect of tele-dentistry. Tele-dentistry refers to the adaptation of latest technology such as mobile phones, laptops, and internet in dentistry.

Common Methods Used For Tele-dentistry:

There are two primary ways through which the consultation can occur over the internet:

As the name suggests, patients connect with their dentists mainly over video consultation. Hence, over a live video call, patients can easily share their concerns with dentists. Likewise, dentists can connect with their patients to share their diagnosis. Moreover, specialists can also discuss their concerns and solutions for a particular case on a video call. Thus, real-time consultation helps a dentist share diagnosis and keep a tab on the patient’s progress.
Interestingly, all of that is achieved without the physical presence of either the patient or the dentist. Such consultations ensure the continuity of valuable dental services during the COVID-19 pandemic when the whole world was under lockdown. After all, cavities and oral problems don’t take a break, so the quality dental care at Brookshire Smile Dental shouldn’t either.

Store and Forward Method:
In this approach, patient’s information, such as images, tests, lab results, and radiographs are shared with the dentist. The dentist stores the data on their computer and uses them at a later date for diagnosis. Dentists can also share the data with other dentists and specialists working together on a case. An immediate advantage of the store and forward consultation is the relaxation of time as the patient doesn’t have to be present during the consultation. Furthermore, the apps used for the exchange of sensitive data complies with HIPPA.

The Scope Of Tele-dentistry:

Tele-dentistry covers a wide range of sub dental branches such as:
1. Oral and maxillofacial surgery
2. Endodontics
3. Orthodontics
4. Prosthodontics
5. Periodontics
6. Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry And Involvement Of Tele-dentistry:

To understand the importance of such an integrated system, let’s discuss the impact and advantages of tele-dentistry for kids. Researches have indicated that remote dental checkup through mobile devices is as effective as a real in-person checkup to stop oral diseases like cavities. The primary mode of communication is through video calls accompanied by data transfer through apps. The major advantage telemedicine has to provide is the proper distribution of the dental workforce and related resources. Furthermore, students don’t have to skip a day at school for a dental checkup because of tele-dentistry.


The inclusion of telecommunication in the dental industry ensures the appropriate distribution of workforce and resources. Furthermore, tele-dentistry provides greater relaxation, and it is cheaper compared to an in-person visit. Therefore, due to these reasons, tele-dentistry has gained popularity among patients and doctors. In the forthcoming years, we will witness substantial growth in this area of tech-savvy dental practice. To learn more about the exciting advancement in dentistry, visit our blog section. To book an appointment, you can call us at 281-934-1010.