These Modern Dental Trends Are Changing Dentistry For Good

With time technology improves, therefore, new innovations and trends have made their way into dental practice. These trends and shifts have substantially improved the quality of service. Hence, it’s time to look at some modern dental trends and their gains.

Laser Dentistry:

It’s an exciting prospect that involves the use of lasers to treat specific conditions. Dentists use two laser types: hard laser (for hard and soft tissues) and cold laser (soft tissue application only).

Furthermore, the dentist uses them to treat a wide range of dental conditions, such as:

1. Treat Cavities.
2. To pull receded gums(due to gingivitis) back into place.
3. Teeth whitening.
4. Remove lesions and inflamed tissues.

The use of lasers to treat specific conditions not only makes the treatment more comfortable and accurate, but lasers also provide the following benefits to the patients:

Less painful procedure: In reality, the therapy is almost painless. This is because the laser numbs any surrounding neurons and pain receptors. Therefore, your brain wouldn’t feel a thing happening in your mouth.
No Bleeding: That’s right, no mess involved.
Lower Patient Anxiety: The mere sight and sound of a dental drill can send a shiver down anyone’s spine. However, this is seldom the case when the procedure involves the use of laser instruments.

Cloud Storage And Dentistry:

The ability to store data in “clouds” is a gift from the digital age. While many of us have used that, it’s about time dentists use cloud storage in their line of work. Now, dentists would not have to spend heftily on maintaining and securing the patient’s data.

Cloud storage also accounts for easier data sharing. Consequently, patients can share the required documents, images, and tests on the go using their mobile devices. Furthermore, the data storage apps comply with HIPPA.


It’s another application of information and the digital age. Tele-dentistry allows you to connect with your dentist virtually using a mobile phone or a laptop. Thus, there is no need to drive miles during rush hour to the office only to wait in the waiting room. Therefore, teledentistry eliminates all the hassle and provides a convenient dental checkup within the comforts of home or office.

Moreover, Tele-dentistry is a budget friendlier option compared to the old school dental checkup.

3-D Dentistry:

What happens when you give dentist a 3-D printer? Yes! Better prosthetics. That’s what 3-D dentistry all about, accurate prosthetics. Now, you don’t have to painstakingly visit a dentist again and again to get a suitable denture, digital dentures get the job done within just four to five appointments.

Moreover, 3-D modeling of the dental topography or the shape of your jaw provides the dentist with invaluable insights. Therefore, before surgery, the surgeon knows what to expect and plans the surgery accordingly. This eliminates the element of surprise during dental surgeries.

These are the dental trends and innovations we are most excited about in the coming decade. To learn more about them, please head out to our blog section. You can call Brookshire Smile Dental at 281-934-1010 for more inquiries.