Top Five Things To Do Before You Get Braces

If you are getting braces, there are some things about preparing for braces to make the process smoother and get educated about so you know what procedures you will be going through, and for that, it is also beneficial for you to bond with your dentist.

Mohammad Moridnia is always there, being friendly, and an expert in his field, he would be excited to make you aware of getting braces.

So roll up your sleeves and start making notes.

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally

It’s normal to feel nervous before your brace’s appointment. Before your brace’s appointment, research to ease any lingering fears.
You could also be eased out by reading about other people’s experiences with braces and what to expect from a patient’s point of view.

2. Prepare For Soreness

Brace yourself before the procedure, as you will go through a minute amount of soreness and discomfort as your teeth and gums adjust to your braces.
Since your mouth isn’t used to the constant pressure of braces, your teeth will take time to adjust.

Therefore, to tackle the discomfort, your dentist will prescribe you medicines.

3. Clean your teeth thoroughly

To have the cement adhere to your teeth correctly, your orthodontist would need a plaque free surface, and if you want to avoid a professional cleaning before your procedure, it would be ideal to gently clean your teeth after your last meal before your appointment.

4. Prepare Your Fridge

Just as you have mentally prepared for getting braces, likewise, you will have to prepare your fridge, too. During your brace’s treatment, try your best to avoid the following:

  • Hard candies
  • Sticky candies
  • Chewing ice
  • Sugary foods

Chewing these foods may result in broken brackets, dislodged wires, and bacteria buildup, leading to poor oral hygiene.

5. Getting Cavities Filled

Technically, it is favorable to have your dentist fill any existing cavities to eliminate any pain, swelling, or additional problems that can arise when holes are left for too long.

Hence, If you have cavities present at your initial consultation for braces, your dentist will advise you on what your next steps should be.

Also, if there is other dental work before your braces are put on, for example, your dentist will suggest you remove wisdom teeth before your braces adhere to your teeth so that they don’t interfere with your further treatment.

Final Note

Being prepared and knowing what to expect will surely make your experience easier, along with peace of mind. Here at Brookshire Smile Dental, we can help and guide you as our priority is to make you feel confident about your treatment before, during, and after your braces.

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