Types of Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

A common misconception about cosmetic dentistry is that it is for adults only. Many dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry options for children. However, in contrast to adult cosmetic dentistry, children’s options are minimally invasive. As a parent or caregiver, giving your child the smile they deserve can help give them the confidence they need while addressing dental issues before adulthood. Discussing your options with your dental provider can help you gain a better understanding of what types of children’s cosmetic dentistry options are available.

Knowing When Cosmetic Dentistry is Right

Because children’s teeth are still growing, it is important to know your options. Many children who have developing mouths can still benefit from cosmetic dentistry options. Working closely with your dentist to ensure that your child is the right candidate for cosmetic dentistry options can help you determine how to proceed. There are several minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry options for children.


Dental Flipper: Used when a child experiences trauma or tooth decay. Because dental implants are not recommended for children before the age of 18, the solution is to use a dental appliance called a dental flipper. A dental flipper mimics the appearance of a tooth and provides children with the confidence they need while they continue to grow.


Dental Bonding: Much like adults, children can benefit from dental bonding to repair decayed teeth while restoring the natural color, shape, and feel.


No Prep Veneers: Veneers are not just for adults. Adding a veneer can be a beneficial solution to missing teeth or managing decay. The benefit of no-prep veneers is the minimally invasive nature as no tooth structure is disturbed and veneers can be easily removed.


Teeth Whitening: Enhancing your child’s self-esteem with teeth whitening can provide them with the confidence they need to succeed. Developing mouths can sometimes be a difficult process for young children or teens. Providing them with a healthy, brighter smile can make a difference in their overall self-image.


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