Types Of Toothbrushes – Which One Is The Best For You?

The toothbrush has become an integral part of our life and our dental routine. Moreover, we have improved our brushes and brushing techniques with time, starting from frayed twigs now we have electrical meetings. However, with so many options available, we encounter equally numerous doubts and uncertainty. Therefore to help clear the clouds of confusion, we shall discuss a few common types of toothpaste and their benefits:

Manual Toothbrushes:

These are the most common types of readily available toothbrushes. Thus, you can expect loads of variety in manual toothbrushes. From bristles’ hardness to the handle’s shape, you can choose the one that’s the most comfortable. Therefore let’s shed light on a few varieties of manual toothbrushes.

Bristle Hardness:
The typical bristle hardness is soft, medium, and hard. However, most dentists recommend soft bristles as they don’t irritate the gums, nor do they play a devastating role in eroding a tooth’s enamel. On the contrary, stiff bristles are hard on plaque sweeping out more plaque in a single session. However, they are not only tough on plaque but also give gums and enamel some tough time. Hence, incorrect use of stiff bristles can boost gum recession. Therefore, settle on soft or medium bristles until advised by your dentist.

Bristle Patterns:
You will encounter a considerable diversity, but the most common ones are:

    Bristles with polishing cups.

Your choice depends upon your dental needs or on the dentist’s advice.

Brush Head Shape:
The head’s shape determines the accessibility of the toothbrush. The common ones are round-shaped or square head toothbrushes. However, you can expect the best reach from a diamond head toothbrush. This is because its tapered end can allow you to reach your molars and clean them easily.

Handle Design:
Different handle designs primarily serve for aesthetic pleasure, with few providing better grip. You can opt for contra-angle, non-slip grip, and flexible handles. Try to choose a handle that offers a comfortable grip and is easy to maneuver.

Electric Toothbrushes:

Electric toothbrushes rose to popularity in recent times with the advantage of better cleaning using minimal efforts. Although they might be convenient, they are costly.

You can distinguish electric toothbrushes into two types: rotating and sonic toothbrushes.

In a rotating brush, the head of the toothbrush rotates at high speed. You will have to brush each tooth individually. Nonetheless, rotating electric toothbrushes are the best at cleaning the surface of your tooth. Moreover, their small heads allow you to reach your rear teeth.

Sonic toothbrushes pulsate at high speed and mimic the movement of a manual brush. Therefore, if you are habitual of manual brushing, then sonic toothbrushes fit the role.


While the choice of your toothbrush matters a lot, the technique of brushing is also essential. Proper brushing technique allows you to make most of the available toothbrushes. Therefore, visit Brookshire Smile Dental for regular checkups and for guidance on choosing the right type of toothbrush. You can call us at 281-934-1010 for more information.