What Should You Expect In A Dental Checkup?

You roll up your car in the parking lot, and now you are walking towards the dentist’s office. After all, it’s time for your dental checkup. If it’s your first appointment, some anxiety is natural because we all know about the fear of the dentist’s chair. However, by making the appointment, you overcame the dentist chair’s dread, and that’s some applaudable bravery. Nevertheless, the uncertainty of what will follow will surely churn up your guts. Therefore, let’s get familiar before you take your first step toward your dentist’s appointment – here’s what to expect in a dental checkup.

A Warm Welcome:

Upon entering the office, you will be welcomed by a receptionist’s warm and professional smile. You might have already talked to them about your appointment. They will most probably ask you to get seated and wait for a while until your turn comes by. When it’s your time, the receptionist will call out your name, asking you to move inside and meet the dental team. This marks the start of your dental checkup.

Greeted By The Hygienist:

A hygienist will undertake your teeth cleaning and polishing. This cleaning helps remove plaque, but more importantly, it removes stubborn tartar. Hygienist uses handheld metal tools to scrape off the tartar and then proceeds to polish your teeth.

However, you are not done yet because it’s time for your dental history, especially on your first appointment. The hygienist will ask multiple questions about your dental health, overall health, and medications. It’s always better to open up to your dental team about your medical history and tell them about anything bothering your oral health. Furthermore, we advise you to jot down the list of your current medications along with their dosage. Show that list to your dental team, and they will understand what’s going on.

Usually, a dentist may recommend a dental X-ray on your first appointment, and it’s the hygienist’s job to overlook the procedure. All you need to do is bite down on a sheet while the X-ray machine takes a scan through your cheeks. This yields an X-ray of your teeth’ alignment with roots visible.

On To The Oral Exam:

It’s time to meet your dentist. The dentist will have your medical history, findings by the hygienist, and your X-ray in hand. After looking at those documents, they will examine your teeth and gums. If anything comes up, they will recommend further treatment; otherwise, it’s a thumb’s up.

When with your dentist, you shouldn’t hold back any secrets; tell them about your dental fears. Once everything is settled, discuss the next checkup date with your dentist. If your oral hygiene is up to par, you might not have to revisit the office in a year or two.

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