Why Do My Gums Hurt All of a Sudden?

Many people are already familiar with some of the reasons their teeth hurt, like cavities, sensitivity, etc. But, you might get confused and worried when the pain is felt in yours. You might find yourself wondering, “Why do my gums hurt all of a sudden?”

Gum pain is more common than you would expect. In this blog, we’ll mention different factors that could lead to pain in your gums.

Why Do My Gums Hurt?

If your gums are hurting all of a sudden, it could be due to a number of reasons ranging from minor to severe. Your periodontist can help you determine the cause of your gum pain. Some reasons why you have painful gums include:

1. Improper Flossing or Brushing

The way you floss and brush can affect your teeth and gums. This is why it is important to follow the right technique for brushing and flossing. Otherwise, you might irritate and damage your gums. Moreover, if your toothbrush has hard bristles, switch to one with soft bristles. Your gums might also hurt while flossing if you are new at it or if you are doing it wrong.

You can consult your dentist on how to properly brush and floss.

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease could also be why your gums hurt all of a sudden. Furthermore, you’ll notice red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Usually, a lack of proper oral hygiene could cause periodontal disease. If this is the cause, you’ll need to visit an expert periodontist for gum disease treatment.

3. Canker Sores

Some people complain that their gums hurt all of a sudden, but it’s neither brushing, flossing, or gum disease. Canker sores, and open mouth ulcers, could also result in painful gums. So if you’re thinking, “Why do my gums hurt in one spot?” it might be these mouth ulcers. Although their cause is unclear, canker sores tend to disappear in two weeks. Still, you can visit your dental specialist if you want relief from the discomfort.

4. Tobacco

Tobacco is bad for your overall health, including your dental health. So if your gums hurt, it could be due to cigarettes and cigars. Furthermore, smokeless tobacco can also result in painful, damaged gums.

5. Abscess

If you have throbbing gum pain, you might be dealing with an abscess. An infected tooth root often leads to a pus-filled pocket near the affected area. An abscess is one of the causes of a bump on the gums. Hence, you’ll need to visit a dentist immediately, as it might call for root canal therapy.

6. Dentures & Partials

Sometimes, dentures and partials don’t fit properly. As a result, you might notice painful gums. Therefore, the reason your gums hurt all of a sudden could be because the prosthetics are irritating them. You’ll need to visit your dentist right away to adjust the fitting. Otherwise, it could lead to tissue damage and gum issues.

Are You Suffering From Painful Gums?

Factors like gum disease, aggressive brushing, rough flossing, canker sores, and more could be why your gums hurt all of a sudden. Brookshire Family Dentistry specialists can help you determine the cause with adequate treatment. Therefore, visit us now at 3603 Front St., Suite 107, Brookshire, TX 77423. You can also call us by dialing (281) 934-1010.