Why my tooth hurts when I walk, run, jump, or climb stairs?

Toothache is one of the worst pain ever; whoever experiences it knows its mental and physical tortures. Many agree that tolerating other problems is better than a toothache; however, almost everyone faces it at least once in their lifetime. Toothache is a result of many reasons, including sensitivity, gum diseases, infections, and bad habits. People also complain that my tooth hurt when I walk, jump and climb stairs or when I feel the cold gust of wind within my teeth. Visit the dental clinic for a checkup and get the treatment before the condition worsens. The infection might be the reason caused by bacterial spread or gum diseases. Besides, it is also possible that inflammation in the sinus causes toothache. Therefore the pain will go after its treatment.

Walking, jumping, climbing, or jogging in the outdoors is an excellent activity; hence don’t let your tooth pain discourage you. Few reasons associated with it are as follows;

Can bruxism cause tooth pain?

Bruxism is a bad habit and damages the teeth and gum line. It is a habit where unconsciously, the individual is biting and crunching the teeth at daytime and sleep. The habit worsens in stress and problematic work situations, so controlling it is essential, otherwise, teeth and the whole jawline suffer. Thus, if walking, running, jogging, and climbing are painful, bruxism can be one reason. Visit the dental services and learn how to control this habit; you might need to wear a mouthguard. But try not to skip the fitness routine that keeps you active and healthy.

Sinus pain-causing toothache

Sinus problem is also a common cause of toothache when you walk, run, or climb. Thus, the pain is not always due to the teeth but sinus infection. Sinuses are over the eyebrows, at the back of the cheeks, and in the jaws; hence they catch disease leading to pain. Treating the sinus and reducing inflammation in them is the solution to get relief, and you can continue with your daily routine.

Sensitivity and other oral problems causing the toothache

One of the common reasons for toothache is sensitivity. When you walk or run, air passes through your mouth; extreme sensitivity triggers toothache. So, along with eating and drinking hot and cold stuff, the air is also a cause for sensitivity, causing pain. A simple technique to find about it is to breathe from your nose for a while and feel if the pain reduces; if so, you need to treat tooth sensitivity. Oral problems and gum diseases cause sensitivity; when you are active and moving around, the blood flow increases, leading to toothache. Hence, if you worry that why my tooth hurts when I walk, visit Brookshire Smile Dental to find and treat the cause for your problem. Call us at 281-934-1010 to schedule your appointment.